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Ready, Aim, Sushi

If a shark doesn't kill you, shallow-water blackout or a giant propeller might. But the spearfishermen free­diving the oil rigs off Louisiana's coast don't let that get in the way of the hunt for fresh tuna.


Thayer Walker

Feb 19, 2009

Outside Magazine



by: Perrin James


This was the first trip to Indonesia that where I had the opportunity to film some Dogtooths. Fortunately I had my good friend Perrin James along for the journey and he put together a great video for me. 

Epic adventure full of currents, whirlpools and Doggies! 



This is the reason why we love the Bahamas. The beauty of the place is you can do everything for everyone, in one day. Wake up to morning glass, a few hours diving in 150' visibility diving for pelagics or big reef fish then lunch on the boat or at the house.


Please contact me for additional information about Guided Spearfishing Travel, the Ascension Islands, Private Charters, or General Questions about our trips. 


For a prompt response, please call, email or DM on Instagram.

Thank you, Cameron

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