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No Fish Too Far.


With the right training from our 1.5 day class, you'll be freediving 65+ feet comfortably and safely with the skills needed to hunt fish in most locales.


If you are already Freediving, you should be training to 130+ Feet with our Level 2 and 3 classes.


A free dive class is a must for any trip to insure everyones safety and maximize every opportunity when the fish of lifetime presents himself.


Book Your Private Freedive Class

Level One 

66 Feet and 3 Minute Breath Holds
Junior Freedivers 12-16 years old


Level Two

100' and deeper dive training


Level Three

The ultimate Freedive Class for 150' and beyond.


For a complete course outline please visit Freediving Instructions International (FII).

At the top of his game.


I have always been comfortable in the water but I wanted to take it to that next level and completing a free diving course has always been a bucket list item.


Having the opportunity to learn from Cameron, who's at the top of his game and the best in the business, was an honor.


Free diving relies as much on technique as it does on your dive partner for safety and the comfort level I felt in the water with Cam was unbelievable.

Captain George Gozdz


Airing on the Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network

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Please contact me for additional information about Guided Spearfishing Travel, the Ascension Islands, Private Charters, or General Questions about our trips. 


For a prompt response, please call, email or DM on Instagram.

Thank you, Cameron

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