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Is it worth it?

by : Daniel P. Nolan

After taking a couple of trips chasing a trophy Tuna I was gaining experience and paying my dues but still searching for the trophy. One random Thursday afternoon Cameron called me and said, “I’m going to Ascension Island in July, do you want to go”? I sat in my truck talking with him for less than ten minutes, my last question to him was “is it worth it”? After a short pause and in a confident tone I laughed at Cameron’s simple response was “yeah, it’s worth it”. I asked him to give me until Sunday to think about it. Less than twenty minutes later, sitting the same parking spot, I called Cameron back and said simply, “I’m in”.

I wasn’t in the waters of Ascension Island five minutes when I had already seen more Tuna in one place then I had ever seen before, I was excited and anxious to shoot my Tuna. Grabbing my arm Cameron laughingly said, “I told you it was worth it, hold off these are tiny”. Thinking he was crazy I held off and chose not to pull the trigger that first day. Within the next 48 hours I landed a 188 and a 222-pound Tuna. Sitting in the boat with the 222-pound Tuna on my lap and a smile I couldn’t hide if I tried I looked at Cameron and said “yeah, it’s worth it”. That trip was filled with great people, most of whom I still travel with, and incredible fishing. If you are chasing a trophy Cameron Kirkconnell and All Oceans Endeavors can help you find it!!!

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