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Eat more fish - it's good for you!

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

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Blogging is Back - Time to start writing.

I’ve been away from Spearblog too long!  With the advent of FB (Cameron Kirkconnell) and Instagram @camkirkconnell I haven’t spent as much time putting together stories and multiple photos as I should and sharing them with you guys.

I’ve had some incredible trips and if you haven’t been seeing whats been going on I’ll try to catch you up.

Life is epic. I’ve been blessed to retire from working as an unlimited Tonnage Ship Captain to concentrate on making dreams come true, mine, and more importantly yours.  In 90+ countries and a untold trips diving different locales I’ve managed to find some of the most enviable honey holes and landed some incredible fish.

More than any of those fish I’ve landed, the ones that the guys and girls on my private guided trips have landed have been the best fish of my life. I’ve taken all that I’ve learned and now guide free dive spearfishing trips around the world to the best of the best and the results have been astounding.  In only three years we have had more than 25 World Records for clients and being there to capture it on film and in photos is such a privilege and the greatest feeling of accomplishment for me to see that smiles on your faces when you hit the surface screaming for joy.

There are so many trips we do that are never mentioned, the photos never sneak out, and the clients you will never hear the names of.  We like it that way. Of the dive spots we regularly visit, we take care of the resource and are looking for the best fish of the day, and ultimately hunting for the fish of your life.  They aren’t all records but by keeping these spots safe and quiet, the potential is always there.

The boats that we have been using to reach these spots at the end of the earth are the ones you have dreamed about.  Fantastic center consoles and sleek yachts that allow us to go further and stay longer to capitalize on the being in the right spot at the right time.

From Families just looking for the ultimate yacht vacation to guys that want that bucket list trip, its all here.  Thank you to all the wonderful people that have made this possible.  We are already booked for most of 2016 and the few spots that are left will likely go fast.

From Dogtooth Tuna and Wahoo in the Indian Ocean, Giant Yellowfins in the Atlantic, and the most incredible Bahamas diving you’ve ever seen, we will be there.  Here’s a taste of whats in store for your next trip.  This is one lobster trip with a few nice fish thrown in from 2015.  More to come.

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